Why Am I Not Losing Weight


I know I know, you are doing everything right, but you still not losing weight.do you want to know What’s going on?



On most days of the week, you eat healthy and Workout.

But you don’t notice any changes, you’re either gaining weight or losing weight, you wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong.

Even if you have healthy eating habits and a regular workout routine, you may be making some small mistakes that keep you struggling.


okay lets see some common mistakes may be preventing you from loosing

we are all human

it’s normal to make mistakes

You don’t get enough sleep at night.


Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Not Getting enough sleep affects cortisol levels
Sleep deprivation is associated with growth hormone deficiency and elevated cortisol levels,
If you’re struggling to break the weight loss plateau, it may be due to your bedtime habits:
not getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep at night,
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You’re eating more sugar than you realize.


Why Am I Not Losing Weight


                     If you eat a lot of processed foods, so you are taking more sugar, sodium, and fat than you realize

try to keep your meals healthy and try sugar fasting from time to time.

Avoid All junk foods (it’s fine to cheat 1 time in month or 15days๐Ÿ˜)

You overestimate your daily calories.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight


May be you are taking more calories than the need 


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You make your workouts as a license to eat whatever you want.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight


yep you burn calories when you exercise but does not mean you can eat every whatever you want.

try to fix your meals number and snacks.


You don’t change your workouts and meals always and repeat the same routine.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

our human body adapt to anything so when you repeat the same routine every week every day every month …

your body will adapt with your exercise & eats, your body will not show you the changes youw ant to see.

try to change your workout program

the same rule valid for eating


Try to keep meals clean of  high calories food Eat heathy

Take enough Sleep 

Do some regular workout and stay healthy!


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